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德國 Paradies 芭蕾麗絲


已有160年歷史的Paradies,為發源於萊茵河域附近的Wilhelm Kremers家族所創立的歐洲寢具的領導品牌。 產品範圍包含各類優質功能型枕頭及被類。強調產品品質、功能性、設計及創新的精神,提供給顧客健康及安穩的睡眠品質是Paradies 始終不變的品牌哲學。Paradies 對於人類與環境的尊重態度,呈現在對產品的要求。所有原料皆經嚴格測試,不含有害物質,布料經醫學測試,溫和接觸皮膚及身體,且不含化學螢光增亮劑,鵝絨及鵝毛填充物採超潔淨標準,生產製造過程低噪音,為我們的環境盡一份心力。
With history of 160 years, Paradies was founded in the Lower Rhine region by Wilhelm Kremers family. Paradies is a leading bedding manufacturer in European market. The products are ranging from
all types of quality functional pillows and down quilts. Based on quality, functionality, design and the unrelenting spirit of innovation, Paradies continues to develop new, premium products. Offering the clients with healthy and tranquil sleeping quality is the fundamental brand philosophy of Paradies.  For the sake of people and the environment, Paradies bedding ensures that :
  • Materials are strictly tested for harmful substances
  • Fabrics and coverings are medically tested and are kind to the skin and body
  • Fabrics and coverings are free from optical brighteners
  • Down and feather fillings meet the Paradies SuperClean Standard
  • Production is ecologically sound